Hard Days

I am now one day into my third day of school and currently feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck.

As some of you may have noticed from the photos of my classroom, I am not teaching in my comfort zone this year, but took on a grade 3 class. It is a departure for me and a step way outside my comfort zone.

It has not been an easy couple of weeks. The breakdown is 15 boys and 8 girls, I have multiple students with exceptionalities and a handful with significant behavioural issues. The principal is a frequent guest and in spite of her support and that of my colleagues I have been floundering. Don’t get me wrong, there have been lots of super moments along the way and individually each and every one of those children is a lovely little soul. Together though they make quite the mob. Every day has been better than the one before it and I know that it’s only September and we’re just settling in, but the days have been hard.

The best part about teaching though is knowing you’re not alone and I know that there are 100’s of teachers out there feeling as in over their head as I am. It’s the nature of our profession to never feel good enough.

So from me to you, it may not get easier but it will get better. I know that 9 months from now these kids will have my heart, like your students will have yours and we’ll be weeping as they get on the bus for the last time, but for now we can smile and wave as they go and get into bed at 8:30 after a glass of wine (or two).

Please enjoy the photos of me taken in the car after work two Fridays and a Sunday in a row.

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