Review: Teaching Student Centered Math

If you teach math to students from k- 8 this is the only book you need. It is SO GOOD. I was lucky enough to be given a full set of these books by a math specialist I was working with in London, but it was another year before I realized just what a gem this series is. Honestly I was super worried about teaching middle school math my first year and so I signed up for a boatload of professional development, and at one we were given the grade 5- 8 version of this book. I already had it so I passed it on to another teacher at school and he was SO EXCITED. So I decided I had better see what all the fuss was about.

This book literally walks you step by step through teaching each unit of math to whichever grade students you have. It tells you how to approach each new skill so that you really get a sense of where your students are at and is full of super fun and easy to prep activities for your students. There’s a ridiculously good set of Black Line Masters available online, many of which I have now laminated and use again and again to illustrate concepts.

This book has helped ME to better understand the math concepts that I was floundering to teach. There’s nothing like sitting in the car with your husband while he informs you that the math lesson you taught yesterday was completely wrong.

Most principals have a bit of a budget to buy books for their school so I highly recommend you ask yours to get a few copies of this one. It will make your life so much easier and make teaching math enjoyable instead of stressful if you are like me and hated it growing up. Teaching math is now my favorite part of the day, turning students from grumpy number hating little people into math loving students is SO satisfying. Promise!

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