Hotter than hot

Today was a SCORCHER it is September 25th and it is 32 C but with humidity feels like 38 and let me tell you my classroom is not a cool one. By the end of the day today it was 28 in the room.

Today was a lesson in not pushing. Did I spend my weekend planning some great lessons for math and language over the next few days? Yep. Did I teach them today? Nope. We watched a movie. Then we had some tech time. It was just too hot. I was grumpy, the kids were grumpy and I knew that if I pushed an academic agenda on them I was going to get some highly unpleasant push back.

So why bother? School is not meant to be a prison in which we force labour upon unwilling participants (myself included). I only have so many cards I can play to coerce them into giving me their best and I am not going to use any while sweat is literally dripping down my back.

Don’t do it guys. School is important, learning is important. So is sanity.

Take the day do something fun and relaxing. Take a moment to actually hang out with some students and commiserate about how crummy it is to not be at a pool.

Life will go on I promise!


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