This week in our Classrooms: Reading Non-Fiction

There is SO MUCH learning to be had from books and reading – and in our tech crazy world, sometimes we forget that.

We’ve all had students who would only read non-fiction for a project or paper. There have been students who would refuse or groan at the idea of reading non-fiction, but sometimes (if we’re really lucky!) a reluctant reader will fall in love with reading because of non-fiction.

This week was Science Literacy Week and there was a challenge to teachers and families to spend time reading Science, or Non-Fiction books. We thought it seemed like a fun idea, so this is what it looked like in our classes.

Kelsey: I teach in a Sci/Tech program, and so my students are usually enthusiastic readers. The same was true when asked to read Science or non-fiction. They were also eager to share what they read about in small group discussions afterwards.

Here are some pictures that I captured of them:


Morgan: In my class I give them quite a bit of free reign when it comes to reading, but I do occasionally ask them to pick out something more specific. Last week on Tuesday I asked them to grab some non- fiction for their independent reading time. Because I have a boy heavy class non- fiction is a pretty popular choice already, and the vs. series is hands down the most popular. Polar Bear vs. Grizzly is always in high demand!

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