Review: PBIS world

PBIS world is a site that feeds you behaviour management strategies based on the kinds of behaviour you’re seeing in your classroom. It’s a really interesting read and there are a mix of interesting new strategies, tried and true classics, and some that are a bit shaky.

For example: Student A is a name calling monster. She is constantly using language that is inappropriate and demeaning to others.

PBIS has a bunch of recommendations ranging from avoiding power struggles to making the student say something positive about their target.

While the site may not solve all of your management crises, it’s a great one to read through to remind yourself of some big picture management tools. For me the biggest takeaway was that each strategy should be implemented for a minimum of four weeks before you discard it. So often we can try implementing a new idea only to abandon it after a couple of weeks if it doesn’t have an immediate impact.

If you’re having issues and looking for some quick ideas you can implement pretty much immediately without much prep or planning, this is a great resource.


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