Balance? What balance?

I know that I should be following the advice in our Mental Health post, but I’ll be honest – this week I am completely swamped. I am usually pretty good at balancing life and school but every so often, the scale tips and it feels like everything is happening at once.

Admittedly, a lot is happening this week – between school activities (Terry Fox Run, Meet the Teacher night and clubs and teams getting into full gear), other jobs starting up after this weekend, a friend’s birthday and family get-togethers for Thanksgiving – I’m overwhelmed.  Not to mention the marking…

I know I am not the only one (and maybe this post will help you realize that you are not alone either!) but sometimes, alone in your classroom, it can be hard to remember the safety in numbers.

One of my neighbouring teachers popped their head in after school today and noticed me sitting in front of a stack of papers, frantically typing. She asked me if I was okay – and the panic stricken look I gave her, must have signaled that I was absolutely not okay. She came in and commiserated about her obligations outside of school, her mountain of marking and a quirky kid who drove her bananas today, and it helped SO MUCH. I’m not even sure that she knew that I needed to hear that I wasn’t alone, but I was so grateful that she came by in that moment.

Thank you to all of those teachers offering support, checking in on someone else and helping us all get through the busy-ness that is life.


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