Lesson Plan: Amusement Park Area and Perimeter

This was a super fun little project that I used as my evaluation for area and perimeter when I was teaching a 6/7 split. I found that even in grade 7 some of my students were having trouble remembering the difference between area and perimeter so making them do both really helped solidify. The 7’s were expected to create more complicated and interesting shapes, where the 6’s could use simpler ones. It was also SUPER easy to differentiate for students on IEP’s. They just use very basic shapes, or only calculate perimeter etc.

You could also extend it by allowing them to create some 3D attractions or water based attractions and asking them to calculate the volume.

On their final copies I asked students to include a chart which listed all their attractions along with the area and perimeter. The final products looked great and the kids loved designing and decorating their final amusement park.

They completed their rough draft on regular graphing paper, with basic outlines and labels, and then for their final copy I gave them chart sized graph paper so they could draw in their super cool roller coasters etc.

My group at the time was quite low so of course feel free to adapt and change it to suit your own students!

Amusement Park Assignment

Amusement Park Checklist

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