This Week in Our Classrooms: Group Challenge

I firmly believe that for our students to be successful, they need to be able to collaborate. I have had to work with people in every job I’ve ever had, not to mention the all-too- frequent group projects in university and teacher’s college. It is an integral skill for the modern world, and my students are not great at it.

They bicker, they pout, they run to the teacher (which, in turn,  frustrates me) and they get very little work done. I decided that my students needed the chance to work together, to see the strengths in one another and to see that not one person could do it alone.

I plan to continue having my students work in groups on a variety of tasks but another teacher recommended Breakout EDU (stay tuned for my detailed review) and it was awesome! My kids HAD to work together, and they were SO engaged. I had one student say “this is the best thing we’ve ever done!”.

Here are some pics:

Of course, they are still working on their collaboration, but having some fun and achieving something together went a long way!

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