Bringing the Fun back

One of the big goals for my school this year is to bring the fun back into the building. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the should do’s that we forget all about the want to’s. School shouldn’t be all about sitting in chairs and shoving as much knowledge as possible down little people’s throats, and I doubt any of us got into the profession because we dislike spending time with children.

I have found that it’s really easy to get wrapped up in a negative head space. “I’m behind in math, we’ve got to go faster so we can catch up!” or “It’s a beautiful day, but we have so much to do I don’t have time to take them outside for a break!”

But we all learn so much more, and so much more easily when we are enjoying what we do. I always find PD days to be a wake up call. They are always either so great, or DREADFUL and the dreadful ones always fit the same pattern. Some person stands at the front with a boring presentation and tries to power through every detail of every little thing they want to get out. I’m zoned out 20 seconds in. The best ones, have you up and moving and talking to your colleagues, and that’s what we need to do as well. Make sure we shake things up and have fun with our students.

We spend our day with 20- 30 beautiful little minds who have so much to share and who are so eager to learn and we know that learning can look vastly different depending on what you’re doing. So end a lesson early and have a dance party. They’ll learn that moving and dancing is a great way to reset their brains. Go for a walk outside. Look at the changing trees and marvel at how wonderful this time of year is. Do that fun, useless colouring sheet you know they’re dying for. They’ll learn that sometimes it’s ok for your hands to be busy and your brain to be quiet. Plan that field trip that is very loosely based on some aspect of your curriculum but you know your students will LOVE.

We’re going to the pumpkin patch and if I’m being honest, we’re not going for them we’re going for me! Because I love the fall and I want them to love it to! I want to go on a hayride and pick pumpkins and watch them be free for a day and remember why I love kids and love teaching.

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