Top 5 Teacher Snacks

Snacking is my passion, so is teaching, but everything is better with snacks. As teachers, our snack choices are limited by so many conditions! No nuts, no mess, no utensils, no time,  nothing that needs to be heated up or refrigerated and things that can last in a desk drawer for emergencies!

I am a renowned snacker, and many of my colleagues know that my bottom drawer is always full  – I am very afraid of being hungry. I am also happy to share; no one is at their best when they’re hungry, and it is a great way to make friends.

Here are my top five snack choices to stock my desk with:

1. Granola Bars/Protein Bars: I LOVE granola bars; there are so many flavours and varieties! They last forever, there’s no mess and if necessary can act as a snack for a hungry kid (if your school allows, of course!). Quaker Granola bars are great because there are all kinds and they’re labelled when they’re nut free! They’re not the most nutritious but they are very yummy. I also like Nutri-grain bars as they’re also yummy and nut free. I have tried A LOT of protein bars, many of which are delicious only because they’re made of mostly peanut butter. I have found that Clif Bars have some varieties that are nut free and pretty tasty and filling – especially good for breakfast on the run.

2. Dried Fruit: When I’m trying to be healthy and make good choices, I like having dried fruit in my desk – it would be more delicious with nuts and chocolate, but it is a sweet snack that hits the spot and doesn’t require any prep/utensils etc. I especially like dried mango, apples, pears, raisons, cranberries and cherries. Watch out for added sugars but otherwise a tasty, sweet treat!

3. Halloween Candy: This one is obvious – especially in October. It is also the most dangerous! Frequently, once I start, I can’t stop and I’ve eaten WAAAY too many. The boxes are super convenient though, and are almost always labelled if they contain nuts. Plus – this is a great way to make friends with new colleagues 🙂

4. Crackers: I keep crackers in my desk to act as a stand in for a crappy lunch. If I am more hungry than usual (or more lazy) they can round out a pitiful lunch. I frequently bring veggies and dip, so crackers can be dipped in the hummus or eaten on their own if necessary. I like Triscuits because they have so many flavours and are almost always on sale.

5. Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate: Okay, okay, I know this one breaks the no utensils/no heating up rule, but this is my life line. We are allowed to have kettles in our rooms (unplugged and out of reach) and so I drink A LOT of tea and hot chocolate. We also have a pod coffee maker in our staff room so sometimes I reach for that instead of instant. They warm you up, perk you up and can act like a treat – especially on a crazy day.

There you have it!

May your bellies never be rumbly and may you make a new friend by sharing a snack or two! Of course, our after-school snacks would look a little different.

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