Book Review: Fall Mixed Up and The Ghost Eye Tree

Fall lends itself so well to all kinds of writing. We celebrate lots of fun, not religious holidays that the kids are VERY invested in so it’s easy to convince them to write about some of their favorite things.

Two books we’ve read this fall that inspired some super interesting writing are Fall Mixed Up and The Ghost Eye Tree.

Fall Mixed Up is great if you want kids adding more sensory detail to their writing, and it’s a great mentor text for pattern writing. It’s also funny. The premise of the book is that fall is the author’s favorite season because of all the senses it evokes. It then goes on to talk about his favorite things, but they’re all mixed up! Bears hide their nuts, squirrels fly south for summer neighbours hand out turkey and stuffing at Halloween. The kids loved it and wrote some super funny and descriptive sentences and paragraphs about their favorite part of fall.

The Ghost Eye Tree is a spooky one, about a boy and his sister who get sent out in the evening to get milk across town and they have to walk by the ghost eye tree, a spooky tree where if the moon is in the right place it looks like the tree is watching you. This read led to a great discussion about all those slightly creepy things we have to do but hate doing, going down into the basement at night, taking out the garbage when it’s dark. Kids have TONS of stories and LOVE to share them. They wrote some really great pieces about how they feel when their parents send them to do something spooky.

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