Guided Drawing: Underrated Art Lessons

When it comes to art I am a work in progress. There are certain art lessons that I love to work through with my students that can take days and days and are super fun, but sometimes you need a little lesson to get you through a 40 minute art period or you want to teach them a very specific skill or technique that you’ll use on a bigger project.

When this happens I turn to youtube’s guided drawing options. There are SO MANY and they are really, really good.

Last year I wanted to do a fall sketching project where we would sketch trees, then turn them into a multi- media art project. My first step was to gather up paper and pencils and take them outside to be ‘inspired by nature’. Needless to say, they were not and all drew these:

Image result for tree drawing kids

Not ideal obviously. So I took them back inside and we watched some How to Draw a Tree videos on youtube. Then they were OBSESSED with drawing different kinds of trees. I could not get them to stop, it was great! I will say we stopped and paused multiple times for the kids to keep up. Here are the best ones we watched:


This year I have used quite a few of Art Hub for Kids videos for fun Halloween and Star Wars themed drawings.

These videos are great and there’s always a kids drawing alongside the teacher leading the video so it moves at a really good pace, and ALL the kids were really happy with how their work turned out!


Happy Drawing!

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