This Week In Our Classroom: Halloween

It doesn’t seem to matter what grade I teach – Halloween takes over our lives. Between the candy, costumes, decorations and special school events – my students could not contain their excitement.

Our school had our Fall Dance the week before Halloween – which meant that I was really struggling to find a way to fill our day with Halloween activities and get some stuff done, as our report cards go home soon.

I teach a regional program: SciTech, which (obviously) focuses on Science and Technology, while teaching everything in between. I wracked my brain and the internet to find some activities that could be cross-curricular and fun.


I challenged them to build a Haunted House with found/recyclable/craft materials from our classroom and everyday tools (scissors, glue guns, markers etc). It had to be at least a certain width and height AND they only had 80 minutes. They also had to nominate only one group member to be the person who could get the materials. The creativity, communication skills and teamwork that I saw were awesome, and they had so much fun!

Here are the final products:

Once finished, we had a class vote on the “winner” and that team earned XP on Classcraft. In the afternoon, I got my students to write spooky, short stories that took place at their haunted houses. We shared some of them to end the day. It ended up being productive AND fun, but I was still exhausted by the end of it!

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