Collaborative Art for the Win!

My class last year was an interesting one! It was a challenge for sure, but the best projects I did were collaborative ones. My students loved creating this project which was inspired by this project I found on Pinterest (of course).

collab art

My kiddos were super into it and so motivated to put in their best work. Each student created 2 – 4 feathers and then I taped them onto a huge piece of craft paper painted black. It was a super fun project that was a shockingly small time commitment for an end result that got rave reviews from kids and parents.

I ended up taking a photo of each child with the wings and then sending it to their parents, which was much appreciated and earned me some goodwill with challenging students and their families!

While the kiddos were ombre painting their papers I made a bunch of feather templates using bristol board and then they traced the templates onto their papers and cut them out. The final step was to use white oil pastel to make the designs on each feather.

To make this work you need A LOT of feathers. We worked with the grade 4 class as well and so with about 50 feathers total we had just enough. I did have some kids who’d finished early make a few extras in the less popular colors so we wouldn’t have an overwhelming amount of one colour.


This would make a great meet the teacher night craft, we did it for ‘inclusion week’ at our school, but anytime you have parents coming in to the school is a great time to make this so they can get photos of their kids!

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