_DSC1312-COLLAGEWe’re two teachers who are trying to change middle school classrooms for the better. We hope that by combining forces and making our ideas accessible – we can help teachers everywhere. We believe that classrooms need to keep up with the times, and sometimes you really do need to reinvent the wheel. We have helpful advice, applicable tips and easy lesson plans that will help you to have the best school year yet.


Our biographies are basically identical. We both got our teaching start overseas, 6 years ago and have been busy every since! We teach in traditional classrooms as well as at the Royal Ontario Museum. We’ve taught everything from Kindergarten to Grade 8 and found ourselves constantly asking each other for advice. We soon realized that the key to being the best teacher is having the best teacher friends. Those who are willing to share new ideas and different ways of doing things. Whether it is a new lesson idea, a tough student or how to evaluate and engage at the same time – two heads are always better than one. We hope this blog can help any teacher who may need some quality advice or just someone to commiserate with.

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