Collaborative Art for the Win!

My class last year was an interesting one! It was a challenge for sure, but the best projects I did were collaborative ones. My students loved creating this project which was inspired by this project I found on Pinterest (of course). My kiddos were super into it and so motivated to put in their best … Continue reading Collaborative Art for the Win!

Guided Drawing: Underrated Art Lessons

When it comes to art I am a work in progress. There are certain art lessons that I love to work through with my students that can take days and days and are super fun, but sometimes you need a little lesson to get you through a 40 minute art period or you want to … Continue reading Guided Drawing: Underrated Art Lessons

Lesson Plan: Oh My Gourd! Science Investigation

This lesson was originally created as a quest on Classcraft for my students (see our review here!). That is why the instructions are worded so that they sound a bit like an adventure. I am using this as a Grade 6 Classification Project, in our Biodiversity unit. Curriculum Connections: Science 2. investigate the characteristics of … Continue reading Lesson Plan: Oh My Gourd! Science Investigation